Revised 2-20 2017 and applies to the 2017 season
and 2016 championship

#1 RULE CHANGES:  These rules shall remain in effect and unchanged throughout the current
tournament year unless specifically superseded by state or local law.  Interpretation and enforcement of
these rules shall be left exclusively to the tournament director.

#2 PARTICIPATION/ELIGIBILITY: Only current members of the BPSOTT are eligible to
fish in any BPSOTT event.  Anglers wishing to participate in BPSOTT events may join BPSOTT
3rd BPSOTT TOURNAMENT OF THE SEASON) At least one team member must be 18 years of
age or older to participate, however, if both members of a team are under the age of eighteen, then
they must present written permission from a parent or legal guardian.  The BPSOTT reserves the
right to deny participation to anyone at any time.

#3 LIABILITY INSURANCE: All members must carry a minimum of $100,000 of liability
insurance on any boat they might use during a BPSOTT Tournament Event. Failure to do so or
reporting of false information will result in disqualification. Anglers must provide proof of

#4 SAFETY: Safe boating conduct must be observed at all times while engaged in BPSOTT
sanctioned events and all boats must have a full complement of safety gear as required by USCG
regulation.  Any time the internal combustion motor is on both participants must have a USCG
approved PFD on and securely fastened.  Operators must have the kill switch armed with lanyard
firmly secured to the operator.  Tournament days may be shortened or canceled due to unsafe
weather or any conditions that would endanger the safety of the competitors. The decision to
shorten or cancel tournament days will be determined by the Tournament Director.

#5 ALCOHOL/DRUGS: Participants will refrain from the use of alcohol and or drugs during the
course of the tournament event. Participants that are discovered to be using or under the influence
of alcohol and/or drugs of abuse during an event shall be immediately disqualified AND LOCAL LAW
ENFORCEMENT SHALL BE IMMEDIATELY NOTIFIED!. The tournament event is not officially
over until the close of scales. This prohibition does not extend to the use of prescribed medications for
ongoing medical issues.

#6 BOATS AND MOTORS: Motors may not exceed the horsepower rating on the BIA plate for
those boats meeting BIA standards, nor any manufacturer’s plate affixed in lieu of BIA ratings.  All
boats used in OTT events must be equipped with a functioning kill switch as well as aerated
livewells capable of sustaining a full tournament limit during the course of the event.  Participants
who operate a boat & motor with “tiller steering” shall also have a kill switch lanyard when
applicable. **BPSOTT participants who operate a boat & motor with "tiller steering" shall also
have and use a "kill switch lanyard" where applicable.

#7 SPORTSMANSHIP:  Participants in BPSOTT events are expected to follow the highest standards
of courtesy, safety, angling etiquette and adherence to game and fish laws. If an angler or team is
found to have not conducted themselves accordingly, disqualification from the event and BPSOTT
may result.

#8 TACKLE AND EQUIPMENT: All fish must be caught alive and in a conventional sporting
manner using one rod which may not exceed eight (8) foot in length (measured butt to tip).
Intentionally snagging fish is not permitted.  Only artificial lures may be used, live and or
prepared bait is not allowed, the only exception being “pork rinds” or its equivalent. USE OF THE
EVENTS! (This includes our BPSOTT Sanctioned Events & Open Tournaments) Trolling with the
aide of the internal combustion or electric trolling motor is not permitted.  Communication devices
such as cell phones, marine radios or CB’s may only be used for emergency purposes or contacting the
Directors for rule clarification.  After checking in and near the weigh in location, a courtesy board will be
provided which will be the same as the official board used for the event.

#9 POLYGRAPH: Anyone participating in a BPSOTT tournament will be subject to a polygraph
exam and or voice stress analysis if requested by the tournament officials. Examiner’s decision
must be accepted without appeal. Entrants must understand that the failure of such test or refusal
to take the test will disqualify them from the tournament.

#10 OFF-LIMITS:  Tournament waters are off limits the day of the event with "pre-fishing"
allowed on all bodies of water until 11:59 p.m. the day prior to any tournament. **SEE RULE # 25 FOR

#11 PERMITTED FISHING WATERS:  All angling activities must be done from a previously
inspected boat.  No fishing will be allowed within 50-yards of another competitor’s boat
REGARDLESS if it is anchored or tied, with its trolling motor stowed out of the water, without the
other boat's permission. An anchored boat is a boat held in a stable position by a line attached to a
weight or by a “Power-Pole” or similar device, with the trolling motor in the up or down position.  
Absolutely no “hole sitting” or holding of a fishing spot, this will not be tolerated.  Competitors may not
exit their boat in order to facilitate access to “other” waters.  Tournament directors will determine, and
announce, all off-limit areas.

#12 NO-WAKE:  Boats will not pass another’s competitors boat in any no-wake zones at any
time during tournament hours except for boats that may be changing course within the zone, boats
which have stopped or are engaged in fishing activities. **This rule also applies to the BPSOTT
MORNING START on O'Shaughnessy & Griggs Reservoirs where the SPEED LIMIT is 40MPH!
Participants that are discovered attaining speeds greater than 40MPH, and passing a LOWERED
NUMBER BOAT after the start, shall be immediately disqualified!**

#13 OFFICIAL CHECKPOINTS:  Teams must depart and return from a specified point by
boat unless otherwise noted.  Teams arriving late will be disqualified.  In case of an emergency (I.E.
Motor Failed) a team may bring their fish back in another competitor’s boat but there must be at least one
member from each team present when checking in.  All fishing must cease upon checking in, disqualification
will result for fishing after checking in. Fishing must also cease upon one angler leaving the boat to trailer for
weigh in.

#14 SCORING: Teams must cull down to their limit of 5 fish before returning to the official
ramp site. The 5 fish must measure a minimum of 12 inches*, mouth closed, tail compressed
(*local/state limit applies).  Teams presenting more than a tournament limit shall be disqualified.  
Dead fish presented for weight will receive a ONE POUND (1.00) deduction from total weight. Dead fish
presented as the “Big Bass” will NOT be weighed as “Big Bass”. Only “LIVE” fish will be accepted for
“Big Bass” consideration. Tournament standings will be determined by total weight of all competition
days.  Only largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass will be scored.  Teams presenting fish for weight, and
which are subsequently determined to be “short”, shall be penalized the weight of the short fish PLUS the
big fish of the sack. **KENTUCKY/BARKLEY LAKE MINIMUM LENGTH IS 15**.

#15 BIG BASS: Competitors may choose only one bass out of their bag as an entry into the “big
bass side pot/s”.
Big Bass fish MUST BE LIVE. No dead fish can be weighed for big bass.

#16 TIES:  In the event of a tie at the event, big bass will be the deciding factor.  In cases of a big
bass tie, then the money will be split.  In the event that big bass and total weight are the same for
two or more teams then both (all) tied teams shall be awarded the same amount of points.  At the
end of the season if there is a tie between two or more teams in equal points, then overall weight of
the teams will be the deciding factor.

#17 FISH RELEASE: All fish caught and weighed in at a BPSOTT event must be released at
the official weigh in location.  Failing to release your fish at the official release location will result
in an automatic disqualification. DEAD FISH will be disposed of properly by PRESENTING TEAM.
(not thrown back in the water!!)

#18 PROTESTS/DISQUALIFICATION: Directors must be notified of all protests before close
of scales.  Protests also, must be submitted in writing within 10 minutes of the closing of the
scales.  A “protest committee” consisting of three (3) fellow anglers, randomly drawn by the
tournament director will address all protests. Teams disqualified from individual events will still
receive show-up points UNLESS A CRIMINAL ACT HAS BEEN CITED.

#19 SUBSTITUTIONS: Up to 2 substitutions may be used during the regular season as long as
one team member fishes with the sub. (the sub MUST BE A BPSOTT Member) A sub is allowed to
participate in the Championship provided that they had previously fished at least 50% of the
regular events. (WEEKEND Division - 3 Tournaments. THURSDAY NIGHT Division - 6
Tournaments) Teams with a member who unexpectedly cannot attend the Championship may
utilize a sub from the division qualified from or, if none are available, then a sub from another
division. Exceptions to this rule may be made by the BPSOTT Tournament Trail Directors in cases of
death, disability, employment status, or military duties.

#20 TEAMS:  Teams must be declared at the first event fished in any one specific division by
either member of the team.  If both members of the team are present for any event in a specific
division that they have declared themselves as a team they must fish together for their points to
count towards their total team points.  Members of a team that decide to fish apart during the same
event in a specific division where they have declared themselves as a team no points will be
awarded to the original declared team.

#21 DIVISION's POINTS CHAMPIONS:  Points Champions for each division will be determined
based on all tournaments fished in that division.


•        Teams finishing in the TOP 30% BY POINTS in one division at the end of the season qualify for the
Spring Championship.
•        WEEK NIGHTERS – Tournament anglers that fish 11 out of 12 tournaments will
automatically qualify for the Spring Championship.
•        WEEKEND DIVISION – Tournament Anglers that fish 4 out of 5 tournaments will
automatically qualify for the Spring Championship.


#23 BUY IN: Anglers and teams will be allowed to buy into any BPSOTT CIRCUIT event during the
regular season.  This does not include the Spring Championship. Entry fees must be submitted to
the Director before the start of the event to be counted. These entry fees will go into the
tournament payout. Anglers/teams who buy into an event will receive show up points.

#24 CHAMPIONSHIP TAKE OFF:  Take off position for the Spring Championship will be
determined by how an angler/teams finish in their division. Teams will be put into one of three categories,
Points champions (first flight), top 30% finishers (second flight) and all other qualifiers (third flight). Team
launch numbers will be assigned in each category by random draw for each day. Teams may not hold the
same launch number in both days.

will be OFF LIMITS 30 DAYS PRIOR to the event. Participants WILL BE ALLOWED TO
COMMENCE PRACTICE SEVEN (7) DAYS PRIOR to the FINAL DAY. (Example: if final day is
Friday, then practice may begin the Friday before)

**NOTE: Participants SHALL NOT utilize a professional “fishing guide” or “guide service” during Official
practice days prior to the Championship. Participants SHALL NOT practice with anyone other than
another BPSOTT Championship participant. Participants SHALL NOT solicit or obtain lake/fishing
information from “guides” or “locals”. Any participant/team found to have violated these rules SHALL BE