Pre-Pay Rules
Pre-Pays for the season will be accepted up to the morning of the first tourament

After all Pre-Pays have been received at the first event each Pre-Pay team will draw
a starting position for that event only. Please ensure one team member stays at the
registration area until they have drawn a launch position.

For the remaining events launch positions for the total number of Pre-Pays will be

IE: If 20 Pre-Pays are received launch positions 1 through 20 will be reserved.
All other entries will be assigned a launch position as they are received starting with
21 and so on.

At each subsequent event each Pre-pay team will draw their starting position the
morning of the event from the reserved positions.


Click on the division below for forms.
payment to the address on the form.
You must be a member to pre-pay.
All documents on the BPSOTT are in PDF format click HERE to download a free PDF viewer.