BPSOTT Fund Raisers

The James Cancer Hospital/Solove Research Institute at OSU

Please read Tricia's story below:

Thank You for taking the time and interest to read my profile and getting involved in

I have had the great pleasure of riding in this event the last two years. It is a very
rewarding experience when you know that your efforts might save a life someday via the
money raised. Last year I became a member of Stefanie's Team of Hope which enhanced
the experience being surrounded by so many others in this "fight".

I, like countless others unfortunately, have been personally affected by cancer. My mother,
Rachel Dailey, died of cancer when I was 6 years old and my father, William Dailey, in
2003. They are my angels pushing me when I need help during the physically demanding

I can only hope that in my lifetime there can be advancements made in the battle against
cancer. It is encouraging to know that 100% of the money raised by Pelotonia will fund
essential research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center-James
Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute.

I appreciate your support in honoring those who have lost this battle, and those who
continue to fight. Large or small, every donation makes a difference. Think of this not as a
donation to me, or even to Pelotonia, but directly to The James and all those who benefit
from the work done there.

Thanks Again...Tricia

Tricia Dailey

From Connie:

This is my second year riding Pelotonia! Join me by signing up to ride OR volunteer OR
help me reach my goal by donating to my ride! I am starting a little late this year and need
plenty of help to reach my goal. This is a great event and an important cause where 100%
of our donations go directly to cancer research!

Like most of you, cancer has affected my life and the lives of my family and friends. I
have seen first-hand how important cancer research is to battling this disease. I am
honored to be a part of Stefanie's Team of HOPE. I am riding with an amazing group of
people and continuing the work of Stefanie Spielman who has been and will always be an
inspiration to myself and my family.

My goal is to make others aware of what Pelotonia is and to encourage everyone to get
involved in some way. 100% of all monetary donations go directly to the cause. EVERY
donation of time or money makes a difference!

Hope to end cancer is our motivation to fund research and fight this desease. Survivors
and supporters provide this hope every day by reminding us that we WILL beat this
disease. There are many survivors in my life that remind me every day that we can win the
battle and defy the odds!

I am a Pelotonia rider again this year because of my sister-in-law, Connie. She is the one
that inspired me to get involved. She taught me that faith, hope, love and determination can
overcome many obstacles and give us all strength to continue to fight . These things also
remind us to appreciate each and every day that we are given.

I will be riding again this year to celebrate the lives of the ones we have lost and to
continue the fight for them and all of those who have been affected by this disease. Join


Connie Louthen

**Director's Note: ALL PROCEEDS from the Pelotonia Benefit Open will be donated
100% to helping Tricia & Connie reach their goal for Pelotonia and the James. In addition,
ALL of OUR PROCEEDS from our season's 50/50 raffles will be added to their total so we
may help them reach that goal of $3,600.00! We have a long way to go, but with YOUR
help, we can do it together!

For more information about Pelotonia see: WWW.PELOTONIA.ORG