Teams or angler fishing the 2016 season and fish the championship can qualify for a
free shirt and hoodie from Thrasher Sports Apparel. See the guide lines below.

1)      Angler must be wearing approved BPSOTT Jersey
2)      Angler must wear the Approved Thrasher logo on their  jersey on left chest
area. Logo must be at least 4”
area. Logo must be at least 4”
3)      Jersey must be visible In all photos
4)      Angler must compete in all required events leading to the BPSOTT
5)      Angler That wins or highest placing angler that meets all requirements and      
can provide photo on win or placement .

                Angler Will receive
        1) long or short sleeve Jersey
        1) Hoodie
        FREE for the next season

You can order 2 ways.

Order the official
BPSOTT member jersey or order your own custom jersey.
For a member jersey follow the member jersey procedures on the web site
Shop BPSOTT page.

Custom Jersey:
Simply fill out the attached form, click
here for form.  Save it as a new file and
email it to
You must include you BPSOTT member number.