BPSOTT Tournament Point System

Here’s how it works:

10 points will be added to the number of boats participating for to total number of available
points.  For example, a 20-boat tournament would award 30 points to first place.  Teams
will be awarded points in descending order for each place.  For those not catching a fish,
the team will be awarded 10 points less than the lowest placing team.  Here’s a typical
scenario based on a 20 boat tournament with 12 boats catching a fish

1st place          30 points
2nd place         29 points
3rd place         28 points
4th place          27 points
5th place          26 points
6th place          25 points
7th place          24 points
8th place          23 points
9th place          22 points
10th place        21 points
11th place        20 points
12th place        19 points

For the 8 boats not catching a fish, deduct 10 points and these boats are awarded 9 points
This point system will keep points races closer and reward anglers for winning in larger
field tournaments.  With other systems, 50 points might be awarded for a win whether
there were 10 boats or 60 boats.  Taking out the weight factor reduces the chances of
running away with a division based on an early spawn bite for instance.

We’ve checked this system against results from other tournament trails and have found
that the same top teams still won with either system, but through a season, the point’s
races tighten up and consistency becomes a bigger factor.  Whether you’re talking bass
fishing or Nascar, consistency over the long haul is what being "Points Champions" is all