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What an event at Kentucky lake! The weather went from hot and sunny to wet to cold and
windy. The water level was low and 70 degrees. Not what we expected. We paid out
through 20 places and 3 Big Bass places.  Here are the top 10 teams.
See the championship page for all the results.

Teams Names                     Day 1 Weight        Day 2 Weight        Total Weight
Dirk Davenport / Jason Ebert           16.36                      20.04                    36.40
Dalton Rand / Mark Rand                19.59                      15.65                    35.24
Steve Hatfield / Nick Hatfield           17.91                      13.38                    31.29
Rich DiDonato / Alan Greer             15.50                      15.79                    31.29
Gary Elliot / Gary Elliot Jr                15.87                      15.34                   31.21
Jerry Smith / Mike Smith                 15.16                      15.52                   30.68
Gene Steinke / Dave Burton             14.13                       16.30                   30.43
John Dawson / Cherie Dawson        17.33                       12.80                   30.13
Cody Dawson / Luke Nelson           15.02                       15.11                   30.13
Bill Baldwin / Ted Baldwin               17.33                       12.26                   29.59